Mentored by Wisdom a Soul Guided Life
Mentored by Wisdom a Soul Guided Life
Lynn MacDonald, Mentor, Teacher, Writer

Welcome to Mentored by Wisdom a Soul Guided Life

Living a soul-filled life with love, happiness and peace of mind.

About Me

I’ve certainly been through my own human journey. There were times where I felt so unworthy, undeserving or not good enough that I empowered ex-partners, my boss or the state of the world around me to become destructive forces in my life. 

But the real truth is that our reality is far more fictitious than we know and the more we see it for what it really is the more it can be like play dough that can be molded into whatever we want.  

In my life, I’ve been a corporate trainer for a Fortune 500 company. I’ve been a yoga teacher with consistently sold-out classes and a professional hypnotherapist successfully curing some of the biggest fears and phobias people have. 

All of this, plus studying with some of the highest level teachers on the planet has led me to an understanding human nature that I use to help women shed their old thoughts/ beliefs and become the potent, prosperous leaders they’re here to be simply by understanding how our experience of life works.

Will You Be Joining Us?


I am so happy you are part of this spiritual community! 

One of the most beautiful things I can bestow upon you is the knowledge that love is the mystical key that opens the doors to the beauty and happiness you seek. Love… is a feeling that comes in many disguises. It may be caring for someone in need, loving your husband, loving your children, caring for and helping your neighbors and friends. Or it may be bringing a little joy to others who are less fortunate. There is no end to the different ways to use this beautiful gift called love.    –Syd Banks

You will be exploring the spiritual being part of you that creates your human psychological experience, known as the Three Principles. These principles create your experience of life.

You will begin to awaken spiritual knowledge that has been with you since you were born.  Wisdom will guide the way for you.

You will experience a transformational shift, meeting yourself for the first time as you slow down to the speed of peace.

You will live with less stress, more ease.
You'll navigate life from your wisdom system that will guide you in the right direction.
You'll experience a deeper connection in relationships.
You'll have access to an abundance of unlimited happiness, creativity and potential. 

As you gain insights you'll experience a rise in consciousness that transcends your learned and conditioned patterns of thinking. You will spend more time living in your spiritual true essence.

What You Will Get

You'll get a second chance to live the life you've always wanted to live but never thought it was possible.

You will live more from the spiritual being you are that will create a life of endless potential and possibility.

How does the monthly membership operate?

1. Mark your calendar for the 1st Tuesday of every month we will have a community call at Noon (EST) and 7:00 pm (EST) so you can choose what time works best for you.

The purpose of the call is to answer your questions, share your insights and have insightful deep conversations regarding our true spiritual nature.

Please note: all calls are held via Zoom and will be record and replays will be available under the Replay Topic.

2.  Mark your calendar for Monday and Friday for 6:00 am (EST) as I will post a quote, video or short article for you to reflect.  Please note, this is not for your intellect so don't try to figure anything out.  

While reading the quote, article or watching a video I invite you to do so from a quiet mind with not a lot on it.  This will allow you to listen beyond the words and connect into a good feeling where insights come in.

It's your inner wisdom that will guide you on into a deeper awakening.  

You can share any insights you get and how something in your life has shifted in our community meetings. 

3. Your membership includes three 30-minute laser-focused mentoring sessions to be used for a breakthrough, a brainstorming session, or anything else that is happening in your life or business. One insight has the power to transcend and move you to new levels of consciousness.

I am so happy you are here and considering being part of this spiritual community to help you raise your level of consciousness so you live with more ease and peace. 

Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions.  I am at [email protected].

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